Ferrari Glass Table - California T ‘Handling Speciale’

$110,900 $140,000

•Dimensions: 60in X 40in

•Weight: 400lbs

•Location: Available for pickup or local delivery. Buyer must provide shipping for out of South Florida.

Actual functioning engine from $300,000 MSRP 2017 Ferrari California T 'Handling Speciale'

Available for pickup in Miami,FL/Shipping in South Florida




 Ferrari California Handling Speciale T;

Just like the 488 GTB, the California T has a 3.9-liter, twin-turbo V-8 underhood. For relaxed California T duty, the engine churns out 552 horsepower and 557 lb-ft of torque. (In the more maniacal 488, that same motivator cranks out 661 hp and 561 lb-ft of torque.) Turbo lag? What turbo lag? Honestly, there isn't any. As for torque, there's so much of it that you don't need to shift. But the transmission is so fabulous that you're going to want to go through the gears just to feel 'em. The new exhaust setup sounds so good that you'll also want to hear said shifts rattle off like thunder.

But as this is the Handling Speciale, let's talk handling. Totally excellent. Wondrous steering, excellent grip, light feeling despite itself—the big takeaway is that it's just so much fun to drive. Yes, the massive layers of power help things, but the car handles fabulously. I flogged H. Speciale up and down a particularly scenic road, not far from Genoa, Italy. The three-position manettino was initially clicked one up into Sport mode. However, the car has such fantastic mechanical grip that I quickly switched all the handling nannies off. The California T HS didn't miss a beat. Running around with that much power and no net can at times make you sweat, but not here. The deep red Ferrari lived up to the brand's reputation and proved itself to be a lovely, well-behaved, great-to-drive (dare I say it?) sports car.


Now, it's true, the California T is still a folding hardtop convertible, but the HS package brings out the car's sporty side. If the 488 is your idea of a sports car, then the California T HS splits the difference between a GT and an out-and-out sports car. I'd love to throw this sucker into a comparison test against the Mercedes-AMG SL63—or, as it's known around the office, Torque Vader—and see what's what. Because that particular AMG fills a similar niche, in my mind at least. Ferrari is still sticking with that whole "No comparison tests!" charade. Let them know what you think about their decision: @Ferrari. For the record, AMG is game.

Ferrari claims that the HS is for GT customers that want a little more sport. With its massive power, its groovy transmission, its top-down thrills, its massive dose of grip, prowess, and stability, and its inherent Italian sex appeal, I'd say the latest, greatest California is for 488 GTB customers who like to travel.

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