Richard Mille RM014 Perini Navi Cup AG PT Baguette


The origin of the RM 014 was the celebration of Richard Mille as the official timekeeper of the 2006 Perini Navi Cup. It was inspired by the extraordinary sailing vessels of the yacht builders Perini Navi of Viareggio. The shape of the crown, case outlines, as well as many other elements echoes the visual elements and nautical details found on the ocean going vessels created by Perini Navi. Like the RM 003-V2, the astounding RM 014 also employs carbon nanofibre as the construction material for the movement plate. The composite material is an isotope possessing mechanical, physical and chemical stability when moulded under high pressure. The movement plate hence assures better rigidity between the plate and bridges, all in all creating improved accuracy.

The manual-wound one-minute tourbillon movement includes two fascinating additional functions: firstly, the function selector which in the manner of a car gearbox allows selection of winding, neutral and hand-setting via a push-button in the crown, a hand near 4 o’clock displays the selected function: secondly, the torque indicator which shows the mainspring tension so that the winding can be maintained within the optimum zone for the most efficient running of the watch.

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