New Release: Richard Mille releases 6 women's RM07-04

To celebrate the release of its first women’s sports watch, the new Richard Mille RM 07-04 Automatic Sport, Richard Mille asked six inspiring and influential athletes to share their experiences and develop and define the attributes of this watch. Two motorsport icons —Aurora Strauss and Margot Laffite—, a Winter Olympics triple gold medallist skier —Ester Ledecká—, the world number two golfer —Nelly Korda—, and two track and field stars —Yuliya Levchenko and Nafi Thiam— are the Richard Mille partners who proudly wear the six models of the new Richard Mille RM 07-04 Automatic Sport. Richard Mille has always endeavored to adapt each of its models to the needs and feelings of its partners.

This release marks the first true sports watch in the Richard Mille lineup with an outstanding lightweight model with a total weight of only 36 grams including its strap and in six colorful models that include the RM 07-04 Carbon TPT, RM 07-04 Blue, RM 07-04 Creamy White, RM 07-04 Green, RM 07-04 Mauve and the RM 07-04 Salmon Pink.

Richard Mille is proud to have always counted high-level sportswomen and men among the brand’s partners. As members of our large family, they are at the heart of developments that seek to continually roll back the limits of the feasible. 

The RM 07-04, the brand's first women's sports watch, is totally in tune with the constraints imposed by the disciplines of our sportswomen. It combines ergonomics and ultra-lightness, performance and resistance, extreme skeletonization and architectural aesthetics. A collection of 6 watches symbolizes perfect versatility and continuity in the growing world of women’s watches at Richard Mille, a world where elegance and refinement are combined with ultra-high performance and sporting prowess. With a total weight of 36 grams, strap included, the RM 07-04 is the superlative piece, the lightest, boldest and most energetic in this new range of watches.

Three years of development were needed to create the RM 07-04 Automatic Sport and the CRMA8 calibre as many challenges had to be met including developing a new very compact and skeletonized in-house automatic movement, guaranteeing shock resistance at 5000Gs, perfectly integrating the case with the movement so the internal workings are visible. The extreme finishing magnifies the elegance of this uncompromising mechanism. The very compactness of the caliber accentuates the quality of the realization all the more as it considerably increases the assembly time by the watchmaker, for whom error is quite simply impermissible.

The function selector, a complication synonymous with the brand, eliminates all pressure on the winding stem. Linked to a push-piece at 4 o'clock, the selector allows the wearer to choose among the neutral (N), winding (W), or time setting (H) positions with a simple press. A hand situated at 5 o'clock displays the active function of the grade 5 titanium bridge. Its inverted position in relation to other such selectors at Richard Mille provides a better view of the movement's kinematics in action and further highlights the brand's ingenuity. 
The signature of this model is stamped on a grade 5 titanium insert in the caseband. The RM 07-04 Automatic Sport is thus the most ‘airy’ of Richard Mille's ladies’ models, an achievement made possible by the use of materials such as Quartz TPT and Carbon TPT for the case measuring 30.50 x 44.95 x 10.35 mm.

The case of the RM 07-04 is made from Quartz TPT for five watches and from Carbon TPT for one watch.
These materials are exclusive materials to the brand in watchmaking with a unique appearance. Their remarkable damascene surface displays extremely regular yet totally unique striations, as they are composed of multiple layers of parallel filaments obtained by dividing carbon fibers or silica threads.

This collection of six watches symbolizes perfect versatility and continuity in the growing world of women’s watches at Richard Mille, a world where elegance and refinement are combined with ultra-high performance and sporting prowess. The identity of this collection, imbued with a thirst for sporting achievements and the euphoria of competition, is revealed through its color palette. The case of the RM 07-04 appears in different shades, in black for the Carbon TPT model, in creamy white, mauve, salmon, green and dark blue for the five Quartz TPT models. The crown is crafted in grade 5 titanium is satin-finished, micro-blasted, and polished the crown’s rubber is available in different colors as well as the push buttons are made of colored Quartz TPT bound in titanium.

Sticker Price $185,000 USD. Contact for Serious Inquires:

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